A Project Leader on working at Struensee & Co.

February 17, 2017

At Struensee & Co., we are more than 40 dedicated people from different educational and cultural backgrounds working to serve clients from the public sector, state-owned organizations and private companies with interests in public sector. Our Project Leader Will Murrills has a teaching background and strategy consultant and here he explains how he uses this experience when he works on projects in the education sector in Scandinavia, UAE and Hong Kong:


I have always had an interest in the public sector and began my career on the “front-line” as a teacher of mathematics to students from 11 to 16 years old. I am British and taught for 2 years as part of the UK’s Teach First programme. This was a brilliant experience and enabled me to really reflect on the importance of education policy. 

I decided to move to management consulting because I wanted to try to make an impact at the system level and support governmental organizations to develop and implement effective policy. Before joining Struensee & Co, I worked with clients in the UK and then in Central and Eastern Europe.

I was attracted to Struensee and Co. because I wanted to work in a top-tier consulting firm that focused on the public sector. In the last year, I have worked in Scandinavia, Hong Kong and UAE with a range of clients, mostly in the education sector. 

 While the educational contexts in Scandinavia, Hong Kong and UAE are very different, there are still many opportunities to share relevant experiences. For example, as relatively new universities in UAE seek to develop their research capability, lessons (good and bad) can be learnt from the experiences of more established institutions elsewhere. 

There are also macro trends that impact universities across these territories. These include responding to an increasingly competitive international marketplace for students and professors, delivering an education that equips graduates to succeed to ever-changing labour market, and trying to optimize operations to deliver improved services with reduced resources. It is a pleasure to collaborate with universities and work on projects that help tackle these, and many other, significant challenges.

As a Struensee & Co. Project Leader on these engagements, I am responsible for leading the problem solving, managing the required project processes, and developing the team members to ensure they all achieve their full potential. As we aim to work very closely with our clients, working internationally has enabled me to develop by working with colleagues from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Of course, at times this is challenging but it is certainly a great learning experience. I hope to find further opportunities to work across the globe as Struensee & Co. continue to expand our international presence in small, advanced economies.

  • Will Murrills, Project Leader

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