Breakfast at Struensee’s

Some 250 years ago Johan Friedrich Struensee was busy fundamentally reshaping and modernizing the public sector in Denmark. The pace of reform was breathtaking then. And much has happened since. But the public sector of today remains under continuous transformation – albeit probably at a slower pace and with a less far reaching scope than under Struensee.

But here in Struensee Gaard – in the old private chambers of Struensee – the spirit lives on. Our people here are firm believers in the public sector and thoroughly engaged in paving the way for the changes and reforms that will ensure that the public sector remains able to deliver contemporary and relevant solutions to the challenges facing the modern welfare state.

The public sector in Denmark relies on a corps of dedicated professionals many with ambitions to drive change and continue to push the boundaries for what can be achieved in the public sphere. We furthermore have a longstanding Danish tradition for bringing together professionals from across sectors and functions to share knowledge and develop new ideas. Building on this tradition, Struensee & co. is now launching a new concept for sharing knowledge and fostering new perspectives on public sector reform – we call it ”Breakfast at Struensees”.

Once a month – under the old roof of Johan Friedrich Struensee – we gather a small group of key decisionmakers and stakeholders within certain thematic areas. We expose them to a new perspective on existing challenges, we invite them to bring their knowledge to the table for an inspiring discussion – under Chatham House rules – and we serve a light breakfast.

Breakfast at Struensee begins at 8.00 and ends at 09.15 – just in time for participants to get back to their jobs early in the day and continue their efforts to reshape and develop the public sector in Denmark.




Should you have any queries about ”Breakfast at Struensee’s” please contact Senior Advisor Jean Ellermann-Kingombe on

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