Scandinavian Experiences with Improving Government Productivity

February 15, 2017

For this year’s World Government Summit, Struensee & Co. have produced the report ‘Scandinavian Experiences with Improving Government Productivity’.

Our Senior Consultant Christina Harboe explains about the report and shares more thoughts on this year’s summit:

In the report, we posit that governments can improve public finances and performance by increasing productivity rather than reducing public sector output. This raises a need to increase transparency about governments’ service delivery model and the link between output and resource use. With this kind of transparency, there are many opportunities for identifying and accomplishing improvements to public sector productivity to get as much as possible out of scarce resources.


In the publication, we touch upon several levers available for governments, covering both broad levers such as 360° spending reviews as well as targeted approaches focusing on for example time use of employees and capacity utilization. This is supported by concrete cases to illustrate the productivity potential that many governments have yet to address.


During both the official program and the conversations we have had with participants at the Summit, there is a clear recognition of the need and potential of sound data-driven analysis. This is highly encouraging as we see it as a pivotal enabler for top management in the public sector to drive better decision-making. In the end its about making sure that we as a society spend our resources in the smartest way that bring the most value for citizens and the wider society alike.

  • Christina Harboe, Senior Consultant



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