March 16, 2018

Struensee & Co. have since our establishment 3,5 years ago delivered more than 70 projects across the Danish public sector. Based on our value delivered and as the only tier 1 management consultancy in Denmark specializing solely in the public sector, we are proud to announce that the Danish Government has chosen us as their advisor for management consultancy at the state level.

The new framework agreement  for management consulting is the largest of its kind in Denmark and covers efficiency improvements, strategy, IT, digitalization and implementation across the Danish state for the next three years. As one of the selected companies on the framework agreement, Struensee & Co. will continue to assist senior leaders in the public sector in identifying and implementing permanent improvements.

The public sector plays a central role in our society – from regulation and security to infrastructure and services for citizens and businesses. If the public sector is to continue to be one of the best in the world, it requires constant realization of improvement potentials. We look forward to continuing our work with top management and employees to tap into the public sector’s potential so that change becomes a reality.

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