Struensee & Co. on reform of foreign services

March 19, 2018

Struensee & Co. speaks on reform of foreign services at conference in Reykjavik hosted by minister of foreign affairs.

The Icelandic minister of foreign affairs Friday March 16 hosted a conference in Reykjavik on the future of diplomacy. Among the international speakers at the event Struensee & Co. had been invited to relay some of the main take-aways from the structural reforms of the Danish Foreign Service from 2013-2016.


Key messages included: i) “Data matters” on the need for a more conscious and flexible resource allocation – based on thorough monitoring and analysis of resource spend; ii) “Openness” as a precondition for a proactive and necessary engagement with domestic foreign affairs stakeholders; and iii) “Identify your change agents” on how to pursue on-going reform in organisations that will gradually face exhaustion among staff in the face of continuous need to adapt to an ever (and ever faster) changing world.


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