The Nordic Countries – Leaders in Public Sector Digitalization

November 10, 2017

Struensee & Co. has released a new report “The Nordic Countries – Leaders in Public Sector Digitalization” that identifies key findings in the four Nordics countries successful journey towards public sector digitalization.


In its new report, Struensee & Co. takes a closer look at how governments around the world have responded to the challenges and opportunities that follow from rapid technical advancement. While governments have found various ways to adapt their public services to current and future changes, the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden particularly stand out in exploiting the opportunities to digitalize public service provision and thereby expanding their SMART government capabilities.


In the publication several levers of success in digitalization are identified based on experiences from the four Nordic countries: i) the institutionalization of a cross-national strategy process; ii) the establishment of a centralized agency at the state level; iii) the use of hard steering instruments – such as legislation – to ensure full implementation of the strategy; in combination with iv) the support to innovative models at the decentralized government level. The report also presents best practice cases of initiatives in public sector digitalization in each of the countries, respectively, and elaborates on technological trends such as robotics and big data, which will significantly shape public sector service provision in the years to come.


The report is, among others, based on a project for the Kommunal- og Moderniseringsdepartementet in Norway, in which Struensee & Co. mapped public sector digitalization in the four countries conducting interviews with various stakeholders. The findings of the project were presented at a seminar with the attendance of numerous high-ranking Norwegian public officials and the Digital North Conference with Ministers from Nordic and Baltic countries, industry leaders from the private sector as well as academic experts in the field.


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